PG Projects - Benghazi Combined Cycle 750MW

Project description:

• The project includes two Siemens Gas Turbine Generators (2X V94.3A) of 250 MW and two heat recovery steam generator and one steam turbine generator FUJI (250 MW).

• Each GT feeding exhaust gases to its respective unfired heat recovery steam generator.

• Steam generated from the two HRSG, feeds one approximate 250 MW, reheat condensing steam turbine generator (STG).

• The total facility net output is approximately 750 MW when burning natural gas in the gas Turbines.

• Power generated is fed to the utility grid via the 400kV, gas –insulated (GIS) substation.




The Benghazi North combined cycle power plant (BNCCPP) site is located adjacent to the existing facility.

Project Status:

Under construction